Review of Jovees Foot Cream & Scrub

Jovees Foot Cream and scrub review


Hi Friends, today I am going to review Jovees Foot Cream & Scrub. I have almost finished the whole tube and so thought of reviewing it.

                               Front and Back of the tube

For starter, the foot cream is both a scrub and a cream. But you don’t have to wash off the cream once you apply it; the cream is absorbed and the beads are left behind. I was little skeptical about that when the sales girl explained to me while I was buying it, however, after using it for the first time, I was convinced, she was right!! The price of it was about Rs 65, and I got a 10% discount and you get 60 gm of product. The ingredients are listed at the back of the tube and what I liked is that, it is totally organic and natural.It has Kokum butter, lemon grass oil and Jojoba seeds nuts.

Ok, now the texture. It is very creamy and the beads are very small and not at all harsh.


To use, first wash your feet and dry completely. Pour about a dollop size and start massaging your feet with it. I start with my foot pads and move downwards.


The cream slowly gets absorbed and the beads help to remove callouses and dead skin cells. They are not harsh and if you have easily ticklish foot pad, then this cream may not be for you because the beads can create some issues for you! After a few minutes, the cream is totally absorbed and all you are left with are the beads in your hand.


The sales girl told me that I could wash my feet afterwards, but I have seen that best option is to use a wet wipe to clean your hand and feet.

My feet have become much softer and manageable with use. Now I won’t say that it has removed all cracks and healed them, but to some extent, it has stopped them from becoming an issue. I used it about 3 times a week, but it is soft enough to be used daily. One tube lasted for about 4 months, and what I have left can be used twice more.



Verdict: A highly affordable and effective foot cream. I will surely repurchase it.

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