Kahani 2 A Review

To start with , if you have not seen the movie, this review has  spoilers so be warned!!
My husband is one of those lazy persons who hate seeing movies in theaters. So I was pleasantly surprised when he expressed a wish to see Kahani 2. He wanted to go because he loved Kahani and the combination of Vidya Balance and Sujay Ghosh. I am sure 80% of viewers like my husband went because of these two factors. And that is where the movie will disappoint them.

Don’t get me wrong; Kahani 2 is a great movie. It has suspense, tackles a deep but often hushed social issue, child sexual abuse, and superb acting. But what it is not, is a sequel to Kahani. The characters are totally different, the actors are same.

Now as a movie, it is a good one but the ending was kind of predictable. One could easily feel that Arjun Rampal’s character is going to help Vidya because of his guilt over their failed marriage, which was due to her traumatic childhood abuse. So the end did not come as much of a surprise and that is the main reason why this movie failed to impress. By giving it the name of Kahani 2, the director/writer failed us by not giving us a thrilling end as that of Kahani.

My husband had hard time believing that the mother was supporting her obviously pedophile son and not saving her grand daughter. But I could find the logic behind it, first thing that he was her (by the way it was brilliant casting the angel faced “masoom” Jugal as the predatory uncle) only remaining son and secondly our society will brush such family incidents under carpet rather than confront it. What I could not understand was the need for Toto Ray Chowdhury’s character. Why was the character needed? The story could have progressed as it was without him in the picture.

And coming after Bob biswas the assassin in the movie was a blah!! Again, this character suffered because she will always be compared with the chilling Bob. The little girl was fantastic as were the other characters. Arjun Rampal was OK and Vidya was Vidya.

In conclusion I will say that if you have not seen Kahani you will enjoy the movie, if not pretend you have not seen it and you will not be disappointed. To paraphrase Bard, this movie by any other name could have been better.


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