Review of Lotus ColourKick Kajal

I am closing my blogspot page and so wanted to repost a review which I posted there. Hope you like this review 🙂

I am that kind of shopper, who once find something that she likes, she sticks to it even if there is something new in the market. I mean if something works, why change it ? Right? Wrong!! Sometimes you need to change your routine, your makeup brands and even yourself to find something better. And I did just that found a fantastic kajal from Lotus.Don’t get me wrong, there was nothing wrong with my all time favorite kajal which is, like everyone else’s, Maybelline Colossal Kajal. But when I went to pick up a new one some days back, I don’t know why I wanted to try a new one!! And this one from Lotus caught my eye. Priced at Rs !99, I got mine for Rs 189, but I bought it from a store. You can buy it cheaper from Amazon but the catch is, you have to order above Rs 499 or pay shipping. I have seen an offer where you pay Rs 100 for the product and Rs 65 as shipping, but the seller is very new and I tend to be little wary of them. The good ones sell it for around Rs 158, with Amazon prime shipping.

So let’s not get distracted by the price, let’s see the product. First impression, it is very creamy. It glided easily of the hand and is jet black.

 I tried it on my upper eyelids and it produced a fantastic line without any effort. Using it in waterline was also very easy; I have seen some kajal irritate me or poke me when I am using it here, but not this kajal.

Next, I compared it with my Maybelline Kajal (the one below, nearer to thumb is Maybelline). On hand, both were easy to line with, and the Lotus one was more darker than the Maybelline one. 

As an experiment, I left them there, and did not wash it off (both anyway do not get removed with plain soap and water) or remove with a makeup remover. The next morning, I was trying them in the evening, to my surprise, the Maybelline line had faded a little but the Lotus one was still going strong.

So last verdict: If you want to change your Kajal liner just to see what there is, this is a good choice to switch from Maybelline Colossal Kajal. The price range is same and so is the staying power. It is really smudge proof and long lasting as claimed by the package. One con that I found is that, it is manufactured in China. Then again, what isn’t these days!!
You can buy it in Amazon here:

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