Giveaway announcement and a review of my current Lip Care products

So friend welcome to 2017. Hope you had a great 2016; I won’t say mine was great because I lost too many close relatives in this year. However, starting my YouTube channel, and being really active and Instagram and now this blog; all these have given me something new to look forward to in 2017. So, to celebrate the new year, and the fact that there are nearly 60 people subscribing to me (and 800 in Instagram), I am hosting a Giveaway.  It will be through Gleam widget as they keep track of people who subscribe to unsubscribe! Anyway, three mandatory entries, nothing fancy, just like me in Instagram and leave your Instagram name, subscribe to my channel and follow my blog. Other entries include, following me in Twitter, tweeting about the giveaway and sharing it. Details about the prize is after my post on my current lip care product. Hope you enjoy that!!!

Winter is the best season for most of India, however winter comes with its own set of problems. For me, chapped lips are signal that winter is here. I have very dry lips and so constantly need a lip balm or something like that at hand. Earlier, Nivea lip balm was one fixed item for me, but recently I have started using some fantastic lip care products that have really made my lips stay hydrated during winter. So here is a short review of each of them.

Lancome Juicy Shaker

I saw them first at Dave Lackie’s website and ever since enticed by its beautiful shape. So, when I found one in Duty free section of Hong Kong airport, I knew I had to buy it. I bought it thinking that it was some kind d of lip Gloss. To my surprise, it is lip oil which gives some color to the lip. My shade is Berry In Love and was the darkest one.

You can see the oil and color separately when the bottle is kept undisturbed for some time. The package instruction is to shake it 7 times (don’t ask why 7) and you can see how the color of the bottle change in front of your eyes. The bottle is designed in such a way that only a little, the amount needed for one application, is settled on the sponge tip applicator. If you want color, you need to dab the applicator more than once on your lips.


As for the quality, I have not seen anything better. The oil gets absorbed immediately living you with the color. Since the oil gets absorbed, your lipstick won’t run if you put it on after applying the product. So, I’d you are a matte lipstick lover like me, you will love this product. It hydrates my lip for nearly whole day!! Of course, after eating something you may have to apply it once more. As for using it as a base, it may be feasible if you are using under a cream lipstick of same color otherwise it may look odd.

As said, I bought it in Duty Free and caused about Rs 1700. It is available online in Amazon in ridiculous prices like 10,000!!

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream lipstick with SPF 15


This is my go to lip product when I am going out somewhere. It looks like a lipstick, is colorless and fragrance less and glides smoothly on the lips. I put it on before starting my makeup and by the time I put on my lipstick, my lips are hydrated and moisturized.


It is perfect under matte lipsticks especially liquid Lipsticks because it does not spread or bleed. And true to its name, it hydrates your lips for eight hours. So, if my lips are feeling very dry before bed time, I use it and don’t feel any dryness or chapped lips in the next morning.

I bought it from for about 850 and paid shipping of about 5 USD. It is available in Amazon for about 1500.

Biotique Bio Fruit whitening lip balm


This is my latest lip care purchase. I saw my lips had become pigmented in places and so after reading many reviews (and consulting my pocket) this is the best choice I could find. It has been about 2 weeks that I have been using it and seen quite a good result. It is all natural with ingredients like Angur, Til, Badam, etc.


The product is reddish is color but does not impart any color to the lips. In fact, it is not very hydrating as well, so I use it with my Elizabeth Arden especially as night time Skincare ritual.

I bought it from Nykaa at Rs 140, but currently is unavaialble there. You can buy in Amazon for Rs 175

Bharat & Dorris and Island Kiss  Alma Vanila & Ingres Lavender lip balm


The former comes in a pot and the latter in a tube. I bought the B&H one from for Rs 350 and it is realy long staying.

The Island Kiss one came with a subscription box, Fabbag. It is available for Rs 380 with free shipping if order is above Rs 499


The former is a tinted balm with consistency of a very thick Vaseline; it does the job and you can use it on your own instead of a lipstick.


The other one is very liquid, like the Vaseline lip balm tubes and colourless. The product is very hydrating but do not stay on the lips for long.


It is sure to spread your lipstick, no matter even if it is the mattes liquid lipstick you have. So, use it on its own and only if your lips are totally chapped and need a good dose of hydration. The smell is ok, nothing very fantastic to write home about and frankly, if it was not given to me free, I could never have picked it up. I am not saying it is bad, but only that I don’t like such soft, spreadable lip balms.


So these are my current lip care products for the winter. Do tell which is yours and now details about my giveaway!!

The rules are simple, follow instructions in the Gleam widget. The contest will run till 2nd February and I will be picking two winners—one from India and another International. The Indian winner will win Rs 1000 Amazon gift card to shop items of her choice which my International winner will win $15 worth of product from a website of his or her choice. Since I won’t be paying shipping, it is best if they choose items from websites that offer free shipping worldwide like say (if you like nail arts) or Ali Express stores that offer free shipping, or Sammydresses which also has free shipping options. I like to put in the disclaimer that I won’t be held responsible for missing product or anything related to shipping. I will just give you a store card (if the website has one) or order on your behalf items worth $15 from the website and ship it to you.

Click on the link below to go to the Gleam widget page

Celebrating 2017

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