All You Wanted To Know About Laneige Moisture Trial Kit

If you follow me in Instagram or YouTube, you will know that I am a Korean skincare junkie. Naturally, I was in heaven when I visited Hong Kong last year. I had researched about shopping there beforehand, and one thing I was advised to see was the huge bins of trial products in stores like Sasa or Bonjour. True to it, I found 5 ml or slightly bigger trial pack of branded perfumes, skincare trial packs of brands like Clinique, Elizabeth Arden and others. But even the trial packs were a little pricey for me!! So the one thing that suited my need and my pocket is this Moisture Trial kit by Laneige.


If you follow Korean skin care, you probably have heard the name of Laneige. It is one of the best brands when it comes to skincare products. And of course like any good thing, it is costly. The trial pack itself costs me 25 HKD which is about Rs 225. For that you get 4 items; two 25 ml, and two 10 ml. Now the size may seem very small, but given the fact that you need just a little of the product, a trial pack can last quite a good time, if you use it in alternate manner with your regular skincare routine.

I have been using it since November, because I needed to find out how to use them properly. And the reason I am reviewing it now, is because I recently found a seller in Amazon selling them! Before that, I did not think of reviewing it because what is the fun Yes the price is high, but given that the full sized product from this brand is totally out of my league, I can spend a little on the trial pack and use it judicially.

So with no further delay, let me go to the review as well as how to use the product.

The first item you need to use, and there is a specific way to use them, is the toner or Power Essential Essence Refiner. It is 25 ml in size.


It is a cloudy liquid, with a very beautiful flowery smell. Just hold a cotton ball on its mouth and tilt the bottle. Now swipe your face with it. You will instantly feel a cooling effect on your skin.

Next comes the serum which is Water Bank Essence. The bottle is pump bottle and one pump is enough for the whole face. It is 10 ml in size.


The texture is little thicker than the refiner and more white in color.


Dot in all over your face and blend. You will be surprised how fast it gets absorbed.

The next step is emulsion or moisturizer which is Balancing Emulsion and it comes in bottle. It is also 25 ml in size.


It is a very thick milk white liquid. You will need to shake the bottle a few times for it come out in appropriate amount.


Take a little more than the serum/essence and apply it in the same manner. Wish this bottle was also a pump action one as it could have made the work so much easier!!

Last step is to further moisturize your face in form of Water Bank Gel cream. It is 10 ml is size and comes in a tube.


As the name suggests, it is gel in texture, white in color and absorbs readily like the others.


If you follow my posts in Instagram, you will see some posts where all I have done is do this routine and my skin looks glowing and hydrated. Here is an old photo of me after a full skincare routine with this trial kit. For people with dry skin like mine, this will come in very handy. I now use it on those days when I can feel my skin being super dry and so will need a little more pampering. Once used, the effect lasts almost 6 to 7 hours before my face starts feeling dry again. Best is use it during day, after your bath.


Pros of Laneige Moisture Trial Kit

  • Good for travel as the box will fit even your hand bag.
  • The products are fantastic and you will need to use it once to become it’s fan.
  • Very little amount needed each time.
  • The fragrance is very soothing and lingers for long after application.

Cons of Laneige Moisture Trial Kit

  • Since the products are not in same size, some finish faster. For example, my gel cream finished much faster  than others.
  • It is hard to find in India and if found, little pricey.
  • The Emulsion is really hard to get out.

Now as where to get them, you can get it in Amazon where one seller sells 3 sets for Rs 1,467, which comes to about Rs 500 per set with free shipping. That is a decent price because I paid Rs 225 for it in Hong Kong. I have not ordered it yet, but will next month; in the meantime, I ordered a different moisture trial kit that had an eye cream and moisture cream along with with the essence and gel cream for Rs 706. Here are the links to these sellers in Amazon:


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