Sugar Cosmetic Nail Lacquer: Swatches and Review

Sugar cosmetic is a brand I learnt about solely through social media. I got my first Sugar product thanks to Fabbag and ever since, I am in love with their makeup items. I have one lipstick, two lip crayons, one mascara (that I won) and so when I heard that they were launching nail polishes, I started saving!! Thankfully they are not that pricey, and I had got a Rs 100 discount voucher for entering one of their contest, so went ahead and ordered two of their new nail lacquers. I applied them last Saturday, which was 18th, and waited a whole week to see how they are before writing this review.

First the packaging. As usual, it comes in a beautiful package with image of a girl; this time she is covering her eyes, showing her pink nails. The two boxes are identical; but one has classic and another matte written below the name to tell which kind they are. You can’t see the polishes unless you open the box and the names are written on the back near the bar code. Ingredients are not listed; but it lists what it does not have like parabens, formaldehyde, toloune, and 6 more not so welcomed ingredients.

It is formulated in France and what I loved is that, the expiry and manufacturing dates were mentioned very clearly.
Now let’s see each lacquer separately.

Carpe Creme: Matte nail lacquer

I tried the matte one on my hand. The color is a soft lilac (at least that’s what it looked that to me, the description in the website said nude pink) and the bottle looked frosted from the outside. It is a square bottle with the Sugar logo on top and the shade name & number at the bottom.


The brush was neither too long nor short, just perfect for getting smooth strokes on your nails. The matte Polish dried within seconds giving a dull finish at 1 coat.



On applying two coats, the color was more prominent and looked beautiful.


Oh, though it looks dried within minutes, but it is not fully dried. You will have indents on your nails if you touch anything until it fully dries.

Now for how long it stays. It started chipping in about three days but not too much. If you are not doing any work, it may not chip at all, but I don’t have the luxury of testing that 😝😝😝. Today is day 8 and it is looking not that bad!!


Coral Compass: Classic

The classic is a regular nail lacquer and mine is Coral in color. The bottle is identical except this one looks more liquid and bright. The website describes it as light Coral.


The first coat was smooth but not opaque. Two coats are must for that.






The finish is glossy and it stayed so for almost 5 days. It chipped much lesser than the matte one though it took a longer time to dry. This is how it is looking after 8 days.



Final Verdict 

I really love the polishes. The classic ones are priced Rs 199 which is quite affordable and has longer staying power. The matte ones are priced around Rs 249 and there is another range called Pro which is priced Rs 299. The shape of the bottle makes it easier to keep the applicator on a surface without the fear of the color touching it. All the bottles are sized 10 ml.

As for cons, I can think of only one which is, they are not available in a physical location. So you have to go by the description in the website and buy what you see.

You can buy them directly from their website: They have good reward point system, free shipping above certain amount and quite fast service. Otherwise, they are available in Amazon. The price is same in both. The march edition of Fabbag also has one.


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