Urban Muse: A Perfect Summer Perfume From StudioWest

StudioWest is the makeup, ย skincare, ย bath and body as well as perfume range from Westside. I have one of their nail polishes and when buying it, I tried out many of their bath and body care products as well as perfumes and liked their quality. Though there were enticing offers on the perfumes, I did not buy one because like everything else I have quite a many perfume! So, ย I was pleasantly surprised when my friend gave me a bottle of Urban Muse as my birthday gift recently.

The package is simple; a green and orange leaves that forms an outline of a girl, on a white background. The name is written on the top left hand corner. The size is 100 ml and it is an Eau De Perfum which means it has 10 to 20% of perfume essence.


The back of the bottle is also simple; it gives a short description of notes and the information that the perfume is developed in France. Then there is ingredients list (very short just 4 items) and information on how to store it along with manufacturing and marketing details. The expiry and manufacturing dates are also clearly given as is the price (Rs 995).




The bottle shape is pretty standard; a rectangular bottle with a rectangular cap. The leaf design is also in the front of the bottle with the name of the perfume and nothing in the back. There is a sticker in the bottom telling again about the ingredients, price, hazards and other details. The color of the bottle is light green in color which is more visible in shade; the bottle looks almost colorless in light. It has a spray nozzle which is easy to spray.





Review: The description said that “Busting with lush notes of Mandarin bergamot and lavender this fresh green fragrance uplifts your senses while revitalizing your spirit”. The first smell that hits me is the smell of bergamot and mandarin. The smell is flowery, very light with a hint of spice. It reminded me of balmy summer mornings in a garden. The fragrance is perfect for those who don’t like very strong flowery smell. It is a perfect day fragrance (at least for me).

Pros: The smell is very pleasant not strong and the price is really affordable.

Cons: Not much details are given on the perfume notes ( I like to know a details of the perfume notes) and most importantly not very long lasting. On my wrists it hardly stayed for 2 to 3 hours.

Overall thoughts: A good choice for those who don’t like strong flower smell in their perfume and looking for a summer fragrance. It is also a good gift choice. As for buying it you have to visit the nearest Westside store as it is not available online.


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