Review of Etude House BerryAHA range

Ever since I came to know about Korean skincare, and of sheetmasks, one brand that had captured by attention is Etude House. They are a leading Korean skin care and makeup brand and the first thing I used from them were their Royal Honey masks. So I was always looking out for other skincare products from the brand, as I saw Kbeauty commmunity in Instagram using them. However, finding Korean skincare brands in India and that too in affordable price; is a struggle! Thankfully, I came across a website called Cosmetic-Love.


The best thing about the website is that, they offer free shipping!! Shipping is perhaps the biggest reason I don’t shop so much from foreign based online stores because the shipping become costlier than the purchase amount!! But, saying that, I won’t encourge you to go for the free shipping because it has no tracking. I learnt it the hard way when my first order did not come. So the second time I ordered, I went for the tracking shipping which was a flat rate of about $3.

As usual, I digress. Let’s get back to Etude House. There were many prodcuts from the brand on sale, and I especially wanted the Berry AHA range of gel and scrub because I had seen a review of it in Instagram some days back. The price was not that high; but then i found that the website had a whole section for samples!! So I ordered not just the Gel and scrub (they came in a combo pack and ordered 3) as well as Serum from the range. They came last week, and I have already used it twice. And so so happy with the products. So without further delay let’s go for the review:

Berry AHA bright peel Mild Gel

There is 3 ml product in one portion. It is white in color and there were little beads in them. I applied it all over my damp face and rubbed slowly. Little beads of gunk started were coming out as I rubbed it.

It was like rubbing besan on face, the texture was like that. Then I washed it off. There was no dryness and the face felt clean. There was some tingling in the face especially in the dry areas.

Berry AHA bright peel

The scrub had really micro beads that didn’t photograph well. The consistency was that of a cream but once I used them on the face, I could feel the beads rubbing gently on my face. The scrub was one of the mildest I have used so far. It did not hurt my face at all, which was little raw after the peel. The smell was  very light and soothing.

The face was not dried at all and felt very clean after using the gel and the scrub.

Berry AHA serum

The last step was using the serum. It came in a pack of three with 1 ml in each packet.

The serum was thin and colorless. I patted it on my face and it was absorbed immediately. It was a little sticky immediately but it went away within minutes. I was left with a well moisturized and clean face.

Final verdict

1. A very good set. If you are planning to buy only I product and full size go for the peel. It is really good.

2. It is a bit pricey but a little goes a long way. And as I said, get the sample sizes if you are worrying about getting the full version. One packet is enough for 1 time use.

3. Etude House products are now available in India, but you have to know where to look. Instagram is a good place to find sellers. Amazon India also stocks them but in inflated prices.
Hope you like the review. Will you be interested in trying the Etude House Berry AHA range? Leave your comments below. And don’t forget to subscribe to me.

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