Matrikas Creative Woman’s Journal: A Review 

When I was young, beginning of a year meant daddy bringing home new diaries. And I cajoled, pleaded and finally got the one that had one page for each day because those were best for writing diaries. Then life happened and now a days, the only diary that I am interested in are my sons school diary (which I dread because an entry there means one more complain against them).

So when I came to know about the Matrikas Journals that some of my blogger friends were raving about, I knew I had to get one. They are having a blogger contest and as part of it, they send me a copy of the journal, that I am going to review today. And like my childish diary entries, let me start it with:
Dear diary,

Today I like to talk about MatrikaS, a stationary company that makes notebooks, journals and Office stationary among other things. They are part of company with 47 years of experience in printing business. Made totally in India, one of their best sellers are their range of journals created especially for creative women of today. There are four options each enabling its women writers to “dream” symbolized by a journal that has butterfly on it’s cover, “fly” that has a dragonfly, “write” has a feather and “glide” has a fish.

The one that I got is “Write”. The cover is a luxurious satin cover, red in color, with small golden dots and a golden feather, like the ones used for writing before pen was created. Just touching it is so satisfying, I spend quite a few minutes caressing it when I laid my eyes on it.

There is a elastic side band and a loop at the back cover to hold a pen.


Now, dear diary, let me tell you why I am in love with this new journal of mine:

  • First, the quality of the paper. The pages are very smooth, writing on them is a dream and they are quite sturdy as well. Even if you use sketch pens, you will not see it soak through the pages.
  • This is not a calendar diary which means I can write my own dates and memories of what happened on that particular day; unlike a diary where you have to skip pages if you are not writing every day religiously.


  • The font used is so beautiful. It is a cursive font giving each page a very elegant and old world charm.
  • It is not just a journal, but an adult coloring book as well. The images are very soothing and is supposed to make you stress free if you colour it meticulously. I have already ordered a set of color pencils and can’t wait to paint the pictures.


  • Then there are about 4 pages of stickers that have all kinds of messages from listing your bucket list to sharing your Monday blues!! And of  course I had to use one already on my first entry, which is about my plans for my social media sites. (And keeping with font, I tried my best cursive handwriting!!!)

  • Then there are blank pages to jot down ideas or to doodle away. I have already used a page to note down recipes from my favorite cooking shows!!



  • Lastly, you have a contact list pages, a page to note down a list of places you like to visit as well as a page to list all the books you have read or want to read.



In conclusion, dear diary, I look forward to using each and every page in the journal.

P. S. I was send the copy free by the company but these views are 100% mine. If you are a stationary freak like me, don’t forget to order your copy from Amazon. They are priced at Rs 450, and comes with free shipping for those who have Amazon Prime. You can find them here in social media:





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  1. Meri bitiya ko bhi stationary bahut pasand hai, kochi gai thi to Lulu Mall se uske liye kaafi diary bhi laayi thi😊
    Aapne to diary ko kitne pyaar se use kiya hai, full maintain hai 👍👍👍👍
    Handwriting bhi kitni acchi hai 😊

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