Review of Aerth Natural Products

Hi there friends, hope you are all doing well. I know I am writing a post after a long time, but I promise you, I will be boring you in coming weeks because I have plenty of posts planned (I was using products I wanted to review). So let’s start with today’s products.

Today I am going to review two products from Aerth Natural. Both of them came as part of a subscription box, and as usual I have forgotten which one and which month!! But most probably in May. Anyway, the brand is all natural and is SLEs free, SLS free, Paraben free and they don’t taste on animals. Also no artificial fragrance is used in their product. They are based in Uttarakhand.

Aerth Naturals Hair Protein Pack

So going ahead, the first product on review is their Hair Protein Pack. It came in a zip lock pouch with the subscription box, but in Amazon, they are available in bottles. The price for 150 gm is Rs 325 which is highly reasonable, because, it clearly instructs that until you have a massively damaged hair, you shouldn’t use it more than once in a month! Yes, you read it right, you have to use it once a month. Which is why the expiry date is also very less, mine is manufactured in March with October as the expiry month. If you have long hair and not short like mine, you will finish it before that. The key ingredients include green grams, black grams, soyabean, sesame, fenugreek, curry leaves (I know, I know it sounds more like a recipe for a dish than hair pack!), ginger lily, Almond powder and Vacha (which I have no idea about).





So I took it to my downstairs neighbor/friend/hair stylist/beautician, and we planned on doing it on both of our hairs. The instructions were to mix the powder with either banana, curd, raw milk or egg; and we decided to go with egg. We used 1 egg for about 3/4th cup product. As per instruction, we kept it aside for an hour. After an hour, it looked something like this:


And smelled horrible!!!


It applied easy, there was not much dripping. My hair looked like this after the application:




As it started to dry up, the hair became very stiff, which I think was more due to the egg than the pack. This is how I looked after 1.5 hours and just before going to bath:




The instruction said to wash it off with lukewarm water and my hair did feel soft afterwards, but the smell of raw egg was just yuck! So I applied my shampoo but did not use conditioner. I just used my Biotique leave in serum for color treated hair instead, after drying my hair.

My opinion: I have used it just once, but it looked promising on the first try. I purposefully did not wash my hair for the next five days, and it stayed soft and well nourished! There was a shine to the hair and I noticed almost no hair fall. So I will say a good buy. But as with any product, it depends on individual. For example, my neighbor was not that impressed with it. Also next time, I am not using egg for sure!


Aerth Naturals Body Ubtan with Oats


Now let’s go the the Body Ubtan. This is a oats body ubtan and the main ingredients were wheat flour, barley, oats, chickpeas, turmeric, licorice, Ashwagandha or winter cherry and Trifala. It came in a 100 gm jar and the price is Rs 325. The expiry date is decent, a year.







As per the instruction, you can mix it with raw milk/curd/aloe vera or water and I preferred raw milk because my skin is very dry. I just took about 2 tablespoon as I meant to use it on my sons too. It looked something like this:




The instruction for use was to wet your body and apply it. So it is best to use in shower. The boring part will be the wait for 15 minutes or until it dries off completely. I opted for the second option and looked like a green alien!! Anyway it washed off well, of course your bathroom will be dirty, but the good news is, the residue melt in water and so it will go down the drain.

My opinion: This was the first ubtan I used that I bought. I generally use homemade one like one made with besan. And I was very happy with the result. My skin was squeaky clean and not dry at all. The result on my sons were more better; you know young boys and their neck!! It just cleaned all the dirt there! So a definite buy for me.


In conclusion, the products deliver on what it promises. I will definitely go for the ubtan; the hair pack I need to use one more time to be confident about. You can find them in Amazon here and here.

Until the next post, take care and stay beautiful.

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  1. Wow, natural 👍👍
    Aap next tym ye mask banana k sath try karna,
    Ubtan k liye to main apni maalish wali lady ko bulwa kar apne pampering day per us se lagwati hu 😊
    Aapka review pad kar lagta hai ki hum samne hi baith kar baatey kar rahy hain 😍😍

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