How To Do A Head To Toe Pampering session At Home

For many people Sunday is the day to rest and pamper; but not to me. It is perhaps one of the most busy days of my week as sons are home and with their father, it is always make this and make that! Monday is no better because it is the start of the week so piles of school uniform to press, etc etc. So Tuesday is the day I look forward to when I am completely alone from 10 AM to 2:30 PM and keep it as my pampering day. So if you are interested to know what is my head to toe pampering session and how you can do it, read one.



First of all, let’s list the things you will need.

  1. A good pedicure/manicure set. I used the Vaadi Herbals pedicue/manicure set, which I have reviewed here.
  2. A good manicure set for trimming your nails.
  3. A big tub where you can soak your feet.
  4. A small bowl to soak your hands.
  5. Footsoak for extra pampering. I used the last of my soap square foot soak along with Divyam foot soak that I got with my July mini pixiedust box.
  6. Foot scrubber. I use my Oriflame one.
  7. A good hair pack. I used Aerth Natural protein hair pack. I have reviewed it along with their body ubtan here.
  8. A good face pack. I used SSCPL modeling clay pack. You can use any pack that is best for your skin.
  9. A body ubtan. I used Aerth Natural one.
  10. A brush to apply the pack and a head band.
  11. Towels


Apart from that, depending on what kind of hair pack you are using, you will need your shampoo and conditioner. And after bath, I used my regular toner, serum and moisturizer.


So ready with these items, let’s start.


First I applied the hair pack because it is supposed to be kept for nearly 2 hours. As I said in my review post, this time I did not mix it with a raw egg, but with curd.




Since I have very short hair now, I did not have trouble applying the pack thoroughly by myself. If you have long hair, you may need help. I tied my head band to make sure any loose hair not falling on my face.


Next I got the tub ready for foot soak. I half filled it with tepid water and placed it near a chair. I also kept a filled bucket nearby as well as an empty bucket. I added whatever was left of my soap square foot soak, very little with the Divyam one into the tepid Β water and let the salt melt. Meanwhile I made sure the manicure/pedicure set was nearby as were towels as well as my bowl for hands.





I sat down on the chair and placed my foot in it to soak. In the meantime, I rubbed off my nail polish with a NewU nail polish remover pad and then dipped my hands in the bowl to which I already had added the first product from the Vaadi Herbal manicure set.

I soaked the foot for a good 30 minutes. Within that time, I finished scrubbing, cleaning and trimming my nails. After drying my feet, I proceeded to do the same with my feet.


Next I prepared the face mask as per direction.




I then applied the foot pack from the manicure set to my feet and then used the brush to apply the face pack to my face. Lastly I applied the pack from the manicure set to my hands and waited for everything to dry up.



Of course, I had tuned in to my favorite channel beforehand and enjoyed it while the packs dried. The face pack was supposed to peel off, but it didn’t happen. So I first washed my hands and feet with the water in the bucket, after pouring the used water in the empty one.


Next I used a sponge to wash off the mask. The face was feeling squeeky clean especially on the nose. And it was not at all dry!


So it was time to get the ubtan ready.





After applying it all over the body, I used circular motion to rub it off my skin. When it started to dry a bit, I showered making sure I rubbed off every inch of the body. And of course I washed the hair pack off. The instruction was not to use a shampoo, so I did not use one.


Used a cotton towel to wrap my hair and another to completely dry my body. Next I used my Biotique After Bath Oil all over the body. This amazing oil gets fast absorbed and is a must for dry skin girls like me. Then I followed the regular toner-serum-moisturizer steps for face, and Biotique hair serum for hair.


By now, I was feeling totally rejuvinated. So I thought of taknig it a step further and so did my eyes and lips though I had nowhere to go!!! And of course I had to do my nails and toenails because when I pamper myself, I go extra!!! And also made a big cup of detox green tea to sip while I did my nails!!











So what do you think of my pampering ritual?? Too much or just about right? And how many of this do you do at home?? Don’t forget to tell me all these in the comments below!!


Catch you later friends, tata

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  1. Mast idea hai ye to πŸ‘πŸ‘ ab main bhi try karungi, mujhy to ye aram bhi hai ki maalish wali aa jaati hai to wo head to toe pamper karti hi hai 😍😍 kitna sukun milta hai na, sach me sabko hi apne liye thoda waqt nikalna hi chaiye 😊

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