Liebster Award: Talking about my favorite bloggers and myself

Hi friends

It has been weeks since I last posted. Life keeps throwing me curve balls in shape of anxiety attacks and I keep dodging them. But this post is not about that; it is about this beautiful blogger award called Liebster Award. Now you may ask what is a Liebster Award and how come you got nominated for it? Well for starter, it is an award solely for bloggers given by bloggers. Now they don’t give out actual awards, but by mentioning that I love this blogger or that blogger, you are promiting and encourging these bloggers especially if they are newbie like me. In a sense, it is like a chain mail and like any chain mail, once nominated, you can either accept and forward it or abonden it. Of course, I was not going to pass out this oppurtunity to give shoutout to my favorite blogger friends!!

And as for my nomination, I am eternally grateful to Shanthi Arumugan-Vimalan for it. She is an amazing Indian blogger based in Singapore whose blog is not only about beauty, product review and very easy to follow looks, but also about inspirational posts like 90 Day Planning, Girlfriend guide to life and so many more. She is also active in Instagram as well as in her YouTube channel. So don’t forget to check her out, if you are not already following her.

So as a part of this award, I have to answer 11 questions Shanthi has asked me and then I tag 11 other bloggers who I think the world needs to hear more about and ask them my own set of 11 questions. And now, here are the 11 questions Shanthi asked me and my as honest as possible answers to them.

  1. Describe your ‘Aha’ moment for your blog

The ‘Aha’ moment could be the first person who followed me who did not know me or was not a friend of mine in any social media. I love the fact that she came across my blog, decided to spend her time reading it, and then liked my post enough to follow me as well as like the post.

  1. Have you met anyone interesting or famous in your blogging journey?

Every blogger is interesting in his or her own way, but two bloggers have captured my attention due to their unique story. One is Fadi BouKaram who is touring all the cities and towns in USA that are named Lebanon. Another of my favourite blogger are a couple, Julie and Dean. He is a chef and she has a very interesting style of writing and I love their journey of a lifetime through the world.

  1. What could be your ideal working environment to blog?

Ok I will have to very honest about this; the most ideal working environment is my inspiration. I am a very lazy and easily distracted person. I place to write so many blogs, I take the pictures and when it comes to actual writing, I keep putting it behind everything!! Only when I feel very passionate about anything or I know I really need to write this down, do I post. And of course, it has to be in an empty house when the sons are in school and their father is in office, like it is now!

  1. Where would you like to be in your blogging journey in five year’s time?

Humm a tough question. I can’t plan my next blog (which I know is a great crime because to be a successful blogger you need to be consistent), let alone paint a picture of future. But still, realistically I see myself as the blogger people turn to when they need to feel stress free and so read some thing light and frivolous and may be when they feel they need honest review of a product they are planning to buy.

  1. What do you like to do in your spare time?

Well social media and blogging is my spare time work; I work as a freelance admin for a contest sharing website and be the mom/chef/teacher/mediator and of course be bae to my husband in the rest. Oh, if I still have some time, I love reading.

  1. Can you name some of your favourite bloggers and explain why they are your favourite?

Apart from the two bloggers I mentioned, I love reading the blog post my long time friend Indrajeet Lahiri. He is a leading food blogger from Eastern India and his reviews of resturatent and food places have their own unique sense of humour. Another blogger I turn to when I need help with parenting is my sister-in-law Nivedita Mukherjee. She has been an educator, espeically for younger children, for a large part of her life and has amazing parenting advice to give for moms of today.

  1. What was your most challenging in your blooging journey so far?

The most challenging aspect and which is going to be in future as well, is my habit of procrastination and general laziness.

  1. How do you stay motivated to keep your blog running?

I stay motivated by staying in touch with some amazing bloggers. They regularly post about product review, or recipe or just their thought and by reading them, I am motivated to make sure I post at least once a week.

  1. Is blogging your profession or hobby?

At present, it is purely my hobby.

  1. What choices of beverage keeps you company when you blog?

Totally random depending on the time of the day. If it is during day, it can be something as plain as a glass of water to some diet coke. In evening it can be anything from a cup of green tea to a glass of vodka and diet coke!!!

  1. What will your advice be to someone who wants to start a blog?

My advice to someone will be, if you think that there is a voice inside you that wants to be heard, start a blog. Don’t start because it is a “fad” or because you “heard” that bloggers get free stuff; if that becomes your primary motive, then soon you will find no reason to write. I used to write diary when I was a teenager; and this blog is perhaps a better version of that diary. So that will be my suggestion to any blogger who wants to start a blog. Also don’t be afraid of haters and critique; I was also scared by reading how much hate is there on the internet. But since last year I have been very active in all my social media, and frankly, I have come across none of those trolls or haters everyone is so scared of.

So these were my answers and now for my set of 11 questions.

  1. How did you come up with the name of your blog?
  2. Do you have a roadmap for what you are going to post in a month or do you do them as you go?
  3. Which is till date your most favourite post and why?
  4. Do you follow bloggers who are not from your interest area? If so, who is your favourite and why?
  5. Do you make a physical note of what you are going to write before hand or do you do it as you go?
  6. Have you ever faced hate in your comment? If yes, how did you handle it?
  7. How old is your blog? Without going to your blog, can you remember any post you did this month a year ago?
  8. Have you ever done sponsored post? If yes, how do you maintain the balance in being honest to your readers and to your sponsor?
  9. What is your biggest distraction when you are blogging? How do you overcome it?
  10. Do you go over your initial posts and feel they need a change?
  11. Do you think people should start blogging as a hobby or as a career?

And now my list of my 11 favorite blogger

  1. Trisha Rudra
  2. Adele Wright
  3. Esha Dogra
  4. Nivedita Mukherjee
  5. Deborah Miranda
  6. Rhonda Lushington
  7. Dipika Desai
  8. Surabhi Koolwal
  9. Vrushali Gavali
  10. Priya
  11. Makeupmystery


So take a look at their blogs and find new and really promising bloggers.


That’s all for now, see you soon with some more musings.

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