Review Of Two Seer Secrets Products

Hi friends I am back with another review. This time it is going to be 2 amazing products from this brand called Seer Secret. I came across the brand through my Instagram friends and was immediately intrigued by the packaging as well as the ingredient list for all the products. They are available in Amazon and naturally I had to order them. I ordered the Jasmine & Orange Soothing Yogurt Enzyme Body Cleanser and Rose Geranium Deep Moisture Replenishing Bath & Shower oil because as you know I have a Sahara desert for a skin

So let’s start with the body cleanser.



It is Jasmine and orange yoghurt enzyme body cleanser and the main ingredients are: coconut derivative base, Aqua, Jasmine oil, Orange oil, Amla and Reetha extract, yoghurt extract, and lactic acid.



As per the instruction we should use it within 3 months of opening the pack but unopened, it can stay 12 months from the date of manufacturing. However the date of manufacturing is missing on the bottle; it might have been there in the packet it came in, but unfortunately I don’t have it with me anymore.



Any way to continue, as you can see from the ingredient list, the product is totally free of any kinds of chemicals or paraben and SLS. It comes in a pump bottle which is very easy to pump and when it came, it came with the lock so there was no chance of it leaking. The colour of the product is a pale yellow orange in bottle, but more nearly silver when you pump it.



The first smell that hits you is of Jasmine. The Jasmine smell is so soothing and fragrant that your bathroom will be filled with it at least one or two hours after you have taken your bath. It comes in a plastic bottle but a very sturdy plastic bottle and so if you like you can easily carry it when you are travelling

My experience with the product

I am in love with this ever since it came. I had opened Oriflame body shower which I have again kept aside because I can’t think of having a bath without this! You just need a little bit in your loafah and you can feel your body getting cleaned and refreshed with every movement. Even my hard to please husband is totally happy with this. It cleanses without drying your body and leaves a beautiful fragrance for at least half an hour after the bath as I said before. Jasmine is the predominant smell but as you shower, the smell of orange comes through.

The price of the product is around Rs 594 but there is always some kind of discount going on. The weight is 250 ml and there is only one size available so the price is a bit on the highest side. But then again you just need one pump or two to wash your body so one bottle will easily last a family of 4 for at least 1 or 2 months; provided you don’t have monkeys for children who love to waste body shower gels!!! So yes I am very happy with this product and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves of flowery, totally organic and chemical free body cleanser. As for repurchase, I might go for another variant from the company next time because the 2 products that I got have made me a fan of this brand.

The other product I got was the Smoky Rose geranium deep moisture replenishing bath and shower oil.



This oil, as per their direction, can be used on wet skin or clean dry dehydrated skin. The bottle says:


On sopping wet skin or clean dry dehydrated skin, apply Seer Secrets bath & shower oil generously to unravel a glowing nourished skin enveloped in a dewy fragrance.”

There is also another short talk on why a body oil is better than a body lotion and it says:


Indulge in to the Aroma of a thousand roses with this luxurious body oil. With a smoky rose geranium fragnance, this deep moisture replenishing bath and shower oil helps create a sense of hydration and protect skin from wrinkles and sun bursts. We are on a mission to replace your body lotion-forever. Why? Well lotion is just oil & water held together by an emulsifier & it needs to be preserved because it is 60 to 70% water. The switch from lotion to Seer Secrets bath and shower oil will make you fall in love with the way you feel and the way your skin feels all day long.”



As for the ingredients, it is fractionated coconut oil, Cade Essential oil, linalool, geranium Essential oil, Rose extracts, Limonene,Tocopherol which is vitamin E, and almond seed oil.




Now let’s go and see how it looks like and the packaging.

The first thing I liked about. It came in a very sturdy box it had a metal cap opening and inside of it is made of cardboard but of very good quality. The bottle is made up of plastic and there was also a note inside the bottle which talks more about the product like why did they make it what is this and who should use, etc. The bottle inside looks more or less same as the cardboard box outside and like the shower cleanser it does not have a manufacturing date written on the product itself, but it is present in the package.



The outside package also mentioned the best before date (24 months) and the product has the instruction of using it within 6 months of opening.



What I found most unique about this bath oil is the format it comes in; I have used quite a many bath oil, in fact I have been using the Biotique one for a while now but I have never seen a bath oil that comes in a spray form!



The bottle is made of plastic but it is more sturdier than the cleanser bottle; in fact it looks almost like a glass bottle!! So you can easily carry it in your purse or your bag without the fear of it getting broken. Now coming to the product, it is extremely light and free flowing and is pale yellow in colour in the bottle but almost colourless on hand.



The nozzle dispensers just a bit of oil with every spray and it does not spray it in a Mist format like body Mist do but in a stream. So you can pinpoint the exact part of your body you want the oil and it will spray just there and nowhere else!!




As for the smell, it is of course the smell of the rose that predominates but it is not a very strong kind of Rose smell. The rose smell is mellow and I have never smelled geranium to be frank, so I don’t know what a geranium smells like, all I can smell in it is the rose. However, the smell does not stay for long. 

My experience with the product

Like the cleanser, I am in love with this product. The best thing I like about it is how light and yet hydrating the oil is. It is as light as water but will keep your body hydrated for the whole day. I like to apply it on my wet skin just after my bath because I’ve seen it getting absorb more that way then on a dry skin. But the best thing is this all gets totally observed and you won’t have any greasy or sticky feeling neither on your hand nor on your body. I am yet to use it in winter, I have just got it but I think it will do a good job in the winter as it is doing in this frequently changing weather of being hot and humid one day and cold the other. This is a oil you can use all year through if you have a very dry skin like mine and I think even people with normal to combination skin can also use it because as I said, this oil is very easily absorbed, so you don’t have any sticky oil feeling in your body after a good spray of this. Another great thing about the oil is that just a little is dispensed every time and so your bottle will last quite a long time. Plus since it comes in a spray format, there is little chance of spillage and sometimes I think you waste about 25% of all liquid skincare/makeup due to spillage. But with this I am having 0% wastage!! As for repurchase, of course I am going to buy it because I think this will replace all the lotions and everything I have but not immediately because it is a bit pricey coming at Rs 549 for 100 ml; but once all my present body butters, lotions and body oils are over. Maybe I will go for another variation of the body oil from this brand.


Overall Verdict


Seer Secret has fantastic reputation online especially through bloggers and instagrammer. Sometimes if you see such a brand that is been spoken highly of by online influencers, you tend to think that it might not be worth it!! But with this brand, you can truly trust the influencers (a tribe which I am trying to join) and go and order the cleanser and the body oil from this brand. The only thing I did not like is that, the cleanser should have manufacturing date on the product also because no one keeps a cleanser in the package while in use!!!

That’s all for in this post, catch  you in the next!!!

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Disclaimer: Affiliate links used for Amazon products

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  1. Ditto, but also because there are better deals available on other online store. Yup WOW I do like Natural bath and body lemon and chamomile one, its the only one I’ve tried and almost out with, so I was looking into seer secrets for a change and I stumbled upon your take on it.

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  2. Nice review, I loved the body oils from seer secrets so much, I’ve got all variants and trust me pick any oil, its going to wow you for sure. If you still want to try you can get free samples from smytten (App and online store) that was how I was introduced to seer secrets, a sample amount of 20ml of Labdanum & Patchouli was sent to me, which I actually gravitated more to than a lotion. So I got all the variants one by one. Now these are available at Nykaa, Purplle and Amazon. I’m eyeing the body cleansers now.

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