A letter to my 20 Year Old Self

So, it is day four of the five day ‘LOL-a-thon’ organised by ‘The Momsteins’ that I am part of. Join us to read some wonderful letters written by 26 cool bloggers. Stay around to read some amazing letters coming up.
Today’s prompt is, I feel the toughest because I must write a letter to myself. Writing to others is easy; but when it comes to looking back or in front of your own life, dread feels me. Still I have penned down some of my thoughts; hope you all like it.

Letter to 20-Year Old Myself

Dear Me in 1997,

Hi there, how are you? I know you are fine and looking forward to the year which has just begun. It is 1997 and you are 20 years old and ready to be someone in your life. When I look back now, through the tunnel of time, there are so many things that come to my mind that I like to change or do more. So here it goes:

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Dearest spend more time with your family especially your father. Cherish every moment with them because in five years you will be married, and you will live that cocoon your parents had built around you. And in 16 years that man who is most important to your life now, will no longer be there. So, take your time to look after him; you know he has not been well totally since 1994-95 and he is going to become more careless as time goes by. Which is why make sure you ask him to do his breathing exercise and look after his diet. Make him walk at least half an hour every day. Better still, join him in that walk because that cute curve you think you have, is going to become quite heavy in 10 years and then they will just refuse to go!! Make time for your mother; I know she can be annoying at times. She feels so controlling but trust me within 6 years, you will miss her so much that it will physically hurt you.

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Then there is your brother. Sure, he is super busy with friends now and it seems you don’t have time for each other. But in few years, he is going to shift base and go out of the city and you will hardly ever see each other even in a year. True, technology will be so much better that you can see and talk to him every day, but that fun of being with him, listening to music together or even playing video games together will just be memories to bring out and feel nostalgic about.

Enjoy your time with your friends. The friends that you take for granted now, will not be in your life in few years. Some will go out of the city to study more and some will become so busy with their new life that they will forget you. Some will just vanish from life. But each of them will leave behind memories of time spent in fun and sometimes in sorrow. And when you will feel all alone in 10 years’ time, these are the memories that will keep you smiling. You will be in touch with many of them especially your school friends. They will be there beside you when you get married and with you when you have your first child. And so will be your BFF; true you know her now for just about 2 years, but hasn’t she become your midnight talk friend by now? And trust me, you will be like that for the next 20 years. True you will not meet her in years, but when you will, it is like you never left each other.


Don’t get too attached to that boy you think is your love of life. In few months, you will get your heart broken. But you will survive because deep down, you know that one cannot think of becoming life partners in such a young age. But this time will also be a memory to cherish; after all we all need to remember that one great love story that never fulfilled its destiny. In coming years, you will meet some more guys who will make your heart skip a bit; but I have trust in your head which always let you know when to pull back. And don’t fret; the man you will be spending your life with, is a great man. He may not be a poet life your present guy, but he will make sure that all your dreams and needs are fulfilled. He will make you laugh, cry and sometimes even tear your hair in frustration. But he will be that solid rock of Gibraltar you can lean on.

Learn to be economical. You earn your pocket money giving tuitions now and your parents also give you money. But you spend all of that without thinking. Trust me, learning to live on a budget is going to be hard later on, if you don’t be economical from now on.

Lastly have fun. These are the most carefree times of your life. In less than 10 years, you will be a wife, and then a mother. And that is a tough role to play. Right now, all your decision centre around you; you don’t have to think of anything else. But as life will put you in new characters, you will learn how hard it is to be responsible for others. How tough it is put someone else’s needs and wishes before yours. You will learn how every decision you take must be taken keeping in my mind so many ifs and buts. Even going to a movie, which you can now just decide and go, will need at least a week’s planning. You may think that it is going to be all honky dory when you start earning or when you have your own household; but that is not going to be the case. Every expenditure you make in future must be totally planned. So, enjoy your independence now; yes, you are actually more free now than you can ever be.

So that’ all for now. I don’t want to give you spoilers alert or break the time and space continuum (yes you will still be a Doctor Who fan in future) but all I can say, it is going to be a great year of travelling!!!

I life to thanks Shruti for introducing me. You can read her letter here. She is an amazing blogger and hope we be friends in coming years. Then I life to introduce Sindhuja and you can read her blog here.

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  1. Aww, I found this touching and full of wisdom. I’m 20something and single, and I sometimes tend to whine about things I should really not be whining about. You’re right, I should enjoy my independence. And the biggest takeaway for me, from what you wrote, is the importance of valuing the time we have with our loved ones. Thank you for sharing your reflections!

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  2. মামনি তোর লেখাটা পরে অনেক পুরনো কথা মনে পড়ে গেল খুব ভালো লাগে যখন পিছনে ফিরে তাকাই কারন আমার এখন পিছনে তাকিয়ে দেখা ও স্মৃতি রোমন্থন করা

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