Review of Aloe and Cucumber Night Serum from Insta Glam Beauty

Hi friends hope you are all doing fine. So today I am back with another review and this time, it is this amazing night serum from one of my favourite Instagram discovery Insta Glam Beauty. Run by an amazing person, this beauty brand has made its mark in the Indian market for hand made all-natural beauty products that delivers what it promises. I have already talked about their amazing lip serum in Lipstick for lunch’s blog as a guest blogger; if you haven’t read that blog post, you can read it here.


Coming back to the Aloe and Cucumber night serum, this serum is specially formulated for the Indian summer. I have been using it almost all night since April; and doing the review now when I am really happy with the result.


So, let’s go and start with the bottle.


DSC_3205 (2)


It is a simple glass bottle, but quite sturdy. It came packaged really nice and there was no leak or anything. The front has just the name and information on what it does. The backside has full ingredient list, detail usage information along with best by information. The manufacturing date is also mentioned as is the price. The stopper picks up decent amount of serum in each press, and there is very little wastage.


DSC_3216 (2)


Now let’s see the ingredient list.


serum close


The main ingredients are of course Cucumber seed extract and Aloe Vera extract. Apart from that, one ingredient that I especially loved is the Peppermint oil. Apart from that, it has Rosehip oil, Grapeseed oil, Jojoba oil and essential oils of Patchouli and Lavender. This night serum also has Vitamin E and lemon peel.


Colour, texture and Smell


DSC_3213 (2)


The serum is like an oil, very pale yellow in colour. It is fast absorbing and does not leave any greasy or sticky feeling on the face. You just need about 4 to 5 drops. The smell is another great thing about this night serum. I just love the peppermint smell that comes a little latter, at first you have a very herby smell. Why I like it because it helps me open my nose (which seem to get blocked every other day) and really refreshes me.



 It is a night serum, so of course you use it at your night routine. On a very basic day, when I am feeling very lazy, I clean my face, apply the serum and my night cream and go to bed. On those nights I am pampering myself, I do the whole step-by-step routine and the serum comes after my oil cleanse, face wash, toner and FTE.


My Experience

 Before I tell you about my experience, let me tell you about my main skin concern. I have a dry skin, which behaves properly most of the time, if I am making sure that I moisturize it properly. Still, from time to time, little white heads and breakouts happen in my t-zone especially on my cheeks where my glasses touch my skin. Though it is nothing serious, it is very uncomfortable because I have to wear my glasses and the skin eruptions make it painful. They especially increase when the weather fluctuates from being hot one day and cold the other.


Why I am saying is because, this issue has been totally mitigated by this amazing Aloe and cucumber serum from Insta Glam Beauty. I have very rare breakouts now and that too when I haven’t used the serum for some days. Otherwise, if I use it daily as recommended, it behaves tremendously well. Another thing I love about this night serum is that, it calms me down. The peppermint smell helps me to breathe more easily especially when I have slight cold. I have seen I have more peaceful sleep on days I applied the serum! Though the smell does not linger for hours, it is there for a good amount of time.


Is it worth it?

 Priced at Rs 600 for 15 ml, it may seem costly for many. But, having seen the market of good night serum, this is moderately priced. Since just a few drops are needed each time so it will go for long. I had previously used their Bridal Glow night serum which lasted me for about 4 months (I used it about 4 times a week) and looks like so will this. So, price wise, it justifies the price tag. As for result, I have had a great improvement to my skin and so I will definitely be going back for it. I think it is suited for all skin type; but since it has peppermint, those with very sensitive skin should ask the lady behind Insta Glam Beauty on that. She gives great advice if you DM her.



So, that was my review of Insta Glam Beauty Aloe and Cucumber night serum. Have you used anything from this brand? If yes, do tell me in the comments. Till next time, byeee.

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