A short weekend at Chalsa Sinclairs Resort

Going back to a favourite place after more than 10 years can be bitter sweet; if the place has become bad, all your beautiful memories will be tainted, but if it has not changed and gotten better, you will be happy to make more such memories. Such was my thought when husband declared that in the weekend holiday (June 16th to 18th) we were going to an old escape place, Chalsa Sinclaire resort.


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But before I start this holiday, let me tell you why this place is so memorable for us. We were a young couple with a 9-month child when we first decided to have our first holiday during the Durga Puja holiday in 2003. Nothing far because we were in Sikkim and that time, and we had a three-day holiday. Internet was not that useful where we lived and smartphone, distant dream. Somehow, we came to know about this beautiful resort from the Sinclairs group situated in North Bengal hamlet called Chalsa. So, we took our new car for our first long drive and just drove there without any reservation.



Our gamble paid, and we got a cottage. The place mesmerized us, and it was the first time my elder son was in a pool. Next summer, my in-laws came for a holiday. And we took them there. My mother-in-law loved the place, the open grassy areas, the spacious room and not to mention, the beautiful view.



My father-in-law loved the pool. It was great to see three generation of Das boys in water. It was also the first time I had a full body massage! It was the last time we all were together; they were old and by the time my younger son was born, my FIL was bed-ridden. So, you can understand why this place was so memorable for us.


We now live in Siliguri and somehow going back there with my younger son never materialized. So, this time, my husband was determined to go. He did the booking and everything and surprised us for that weekend! We took our car as driving to Chalsa is just great. We left around 10 am, reached their around 1, and on the way picked some lunch from Mio Amaro in Mal bazar.


I was so glad to see that the place has not changed a bit!! It was exactly the same, with some minor changes like a better Spa, a gym and a dedicated games room, as well as the library was much larger now. The resort had maintained its beauty and facilities really well.


I declared that for the next two days, the boys were going to forget that their mom was with them and all fights and requests to be directed towards to their father. Had a nice swim on Saturday, but on Sunday, I had the complimentary buffet breakfast and then slept!! Yes, I slept the whole day, then got up to eat some sandwiches for lunch, and then fell asleep again!! In the afternoon, convinced my hubby to go for a massage together. We did a 30-min foot massage and a 30 min head and neck massage. He felt asleep during the massage as usual!! And I soaked up the pampering. The boys had their own fun in pool and games room.



The dinners were really good. On the first night, we ordered two chilli chicken and four chicken chow Mein. Both were great, but the chicken was not spicy for us. The chef came asking about our dishes, and my husband said that. The result was that, the next day, he insisted on cooking them again for us, and we ordered another chicken dish along with chicken fried rice. The chilli chicken was really great on Sunday.




As for the breakfast spread, it was really good. On first day there was poha, omelette, boiled eggs, paratha with a potato sabzi and the regulars like bread, cereals, juices and fresh fruit. The next day I liked better as there was chicken sausage, dosa, kachori and more. It was complimentary with the room.



The two days really rejuvenated us, and we said good bye after some more photo session on the lawn. We can’t wait to go back there. If you are planning to come to North Bengal for holiday, this resort is a great place to stay.



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