Review of three high-end liquid lipsticks in my collection

Some people collect stamps, some collect books and I collect lipstick, especially the high-end ones. And by high-end I don’t mean what it means in the west; anything above Rs 1000 is high-end for me!!! And thanks to Insta sellers, now getting a foreign brand lipstick is so easy!! Also, many brands are now available in Nykaa which is a great news for a lipstick hoarder like me (and bad for my husband :P). As for the lipsticks I am reviewing today, I got the Huda Beauty one as a gift for my birthday in April from hubby dearest (he chose the color) and the other two, Kylie Cosmetics and Anastasia Beverly Hills or ABH, I got through Priyanka of Princess Box, the most premier subscription box in the market right now (check out my unboxing of their anniversary edition here). I bought the Kylie one while the ABH one came in the box.

So let’s start with…..


The packaging of all three is great; and I love the Huda one because of the lips!!! The kylie one has her signature dripping lipstick while the ABH one, well it came without the box.



DSC_3307 (3)



The names of the shade are written on the box, and since the Huda one is transparent, you can know what the color is without opening the outer package. Similarly, the Kylie one also has the color on the outer packaging and so easily identifiable. What I have seen of ABH lipstick outside package, is that, it is black in color with information and shade name on top. You can’t know what the color is unless you take it out of the box. Mine came from a set. The name of the shade was written on the bottom of the lipstick.



All relevant information is present in the box, including ingredient list and manufacturing date.


Huda Beauty is priced at $27 in her website and Rs 1650 in Nykaa and the lipstick is 0.17 oz. ABH is priced at $20 for 0.11 oz of product and you can see different resellers in Instagram for a competitive price. Remember, the shipping charges and custom charges are added, so don’t expect it to be around that price. The Kylie lipstick is about $17 for 0.11 oz and again resellers will sale it after adding all the extra charges.

Now let’s come to the applicator.

Both Huda Beauty and Kylie have the doe foot applicator, but Huda’s applicator is larger than Kylie’s. The ABH one is flat applicator, making it very easy to apply on the lips but drawing an outline is easier with the other two.


Here is a hand swatch of all three



My experience with these three high-end lipsticks

Huda Beauty


The shade name is Material Girl. It is a deep purple-plum color that will flatter most skin tone. But I think it will look really marvellous on medium to dark Skin. The lipstick is long and thin and is rectangular in shape.


The formula is light and thin. You need to prep your lips otherwise it may settle on your lip’s cracks (mine wasn’t prepped). It takes about a minute or so to dry down completely, and even then, there is a slight transference. This color needed two coats for full coverage. It stays well for long and fades evenly from the centre. You may need to retouch if you are eating very oily food. The best thing about this lipstick is, it makes my lips look pouter!! It came easily off with my VLCC cleansing milk and did not spread that much on the sides. And it has the most amazing smell!! However, it is drying on lips especially if your lips haven’t been moisturized before.

Kylie Cosmetics


My shade is Mary Jo, one of Kylie’s favorite (named after her grandmother), is a neutral red that instantly perks up a face when applied. It is a universally flattering red and will suit all skin tone. It is round and slim in shape and the Kylie signature on the cap.


The formula is thinner then Huda and very easy to apply. It dries faster than Huda and gives more color payoff with one swipe. It also does not transfer a bit when dry. Further, as you can see, it does not settle that much into cracks if your lips are not prepared right. It stays well put even with slightly oily food and rarely fades. I could also take it off completely with the cleansing milk, but the sides were tougher. And it spread all around the lips. Has a light smell. You can feel it dry when you apply on your lips, and if you haven’t moisturized your lips before, you will feel it.



My shade is Current which is also a red but brick red. It looks like lighter maroon. A great color for medium skin tone and for those who love red lips but not the bright red kind. It is also round and slim, with a silver metallic ca. It looks very much like Colourpop liquid lipsticks, difference being the ABH logo on top and the golden band just below the cap.


The formula is the thickest and is mousse like. It is the creamiest of them all, and the best payoff with one swipe. The lip swatch is of just one swipe while for others, I had to go to use two for full coverage and color. It did not have any strong smell and dried really fast, even with its creamy texture. It was so so comfortable on lips; it was like I was wearing nothing!! It did not fade or needed a retouch for more than 6 hours. The hand swatch was still visible after 24 hours!! And when I took it off, I needed good makeup remover oil and it did not spread anywhere outside my lip.

Final Verdict

If you are a lipstick collector/hoarder like me, get at least one from all three. If you are a sane person, and need to buy a good high-end liquid lipstick, my suggestion will be ABH.

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