Review of Two BFF Skincare Products

Recently I came across this brand called BFF Skincare in the feeds of some of my favourite Instagrammers. So, I approached them, and they were kind enough to send me four of their products. If you follow me in Instagram, you will know that I have been using them regularly for about a month now. Of the four products, I especially liked the serum and the face gel which I have been using as a day cream.


Before that, let’s learn about the brand:

Bff (Girl’s Best Friend Forever) is a premium brand of quality skin care products like Creams, Serums, Lotions, Body oils, Body care, Hair care, Facial Kit and Fragrances. Sourced in synergy with nature, on the foothills of Shivalik, in the Doon valley, Bff brand of products has Re-fashioned Skincare. Setting a new trend offering, Skincare Products based on Home Based Recipes made from Plant Derived Ingredients (Extracts, Oils, Fragrances etc). Our aim is to help you with good natural nutrition to your body, skin and hair and to choose a Greener Lifestyle.”

They sell their products from their own website: as well as in Amazon and Nykaa.


So, let’s do a detailed review of these two amazing products.

Starting with the packaging. I loved it. They are very aesthetically pleasing, and each range has their own packaging. The serum has leaves pattern while the hydrogel has flowers.

Bff Whitening Serum


Bff Hydrating Face gel



Both the products were 50 g and the price of the serum was mentioned on the box. The price of the hydrogel was not printed because it was a sample (I think).

The ingredient list and other details like manufacturing date, best by dates were clearly mentioned on the bottles, which I like because most of the time, you lose the outer box and then it becomes difficult to know when a particular product is expired or not.

Ingredient list


Ingredient list

Both the bottles are pumps and they are very easy to operate. And then dispense just a little product in each pump and so there is no product wastage. I need about 2 to 3 pumps for my whole face.


Now let’s see each of the products and my thoughts on it


BFF Skincare & Fragrance Hydrogel Face Gel

The great thing about BFF products is that they are totally chemical-free and paraben free. They have all-natural ingredient; the ingredients are Aloe Vera gel, Tea tree oil, Essential oils and Vitamin E acetate. I was little sceptical about using it first because of Tea tree oil because it is one ingredient which sometimes don’t suit me. However, this gel was the item I needed for the recent hot days we are experiencing in Siliguri this summer.


The colour of the gel is almost transparent, and it absorbs very fast on the skin.



The best part is, it does not leave a sticky or heavy feeling on the skin. It does not sweat like some moisturizers do on hot day. And keeps the skin hydrated for long. I used it under my Sugar BB cream for a day look and it provided a good primer effect.


BFF Skincare Skin Whitening Serum

First of all, the whitening part I can’t vouch for because I use it intermittently with other serums so can’t really say whether it whitened my skin or not. It however gave my skin a very well hydrated and plump look.

The serum is white in colour and about 3 to 4 drops are enough for the whole face.



I use it after toning (currently I am using the Kaya Skincare toner which is expiring in October) and this serum readily absorbs on the skin. 3 to 4 drops are enough as I said; I added a little more one day by mistake and it took time to absorb. The serum is very lightweight and I love the smell. I sometimes skip the gel after using it, if the weather is very hot and humid; otherwise I use either the face gel or my Happily Unmarried cream if the weather is a bit dry.


Final recommendation


My first recommendation will be to get the face gel. It is really great for a hot and humid weather (which we have almost all the year through now!). The serum is also good, get it if you want to try something new to see how it suits your skin.



Disclaimer: The brand sent me the products for review; the views are my honest observations after using the products for about a month. Also the links in the post may be affiliate link.

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