I turned 40 this April and I have been connected with computers since my teens. We were the first generation in a way in India who grew up with Internet. I always wanted to write a blog, have a YouTube channel and tell the world about my views, likes and connect with fellow like minders. But life happened and I married, became a mother and for some period of time when my husband was posted in a remote area, I became a single mother while taking care of my aged in-laws. But now my sons are little bigger, and we are together in a new city and so I promised myself to pursue those dreams I have been holding back.

So introducing myself, I am Chaitali. I am April born, a true by the book Aries who love makeup, cooking, eating, reading and life. Ever since I started using mask sheets, Korean beauty has been my new obsession as is taking care of my skin. I will love if you share this journey with me. You can find me in Instagram as pimni77 and in Twitter as @pimniindia. Mail me at pimni@yahoo.com and if you like, check out my YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJIYHrISlZfTV_V_0m0fd1Q


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